Northern Catskills Essentials

Northern Catskills Essentials
Hand Crafted in small batches.
Stamford, NY 12167
(We are best viewed on a desktop 
computer or tablet...and please pardon our "mess". This page will continue to evolve and become more manageable... ��)

 ** Our email address:
or telephone:  607.652.9221  **

Organic Soap and Organic Food Grade Emulsions 
to cleanse and nourish our body and soul...

We are nestled in the northern Catskill Mountains of 
New York and specialize in primitive artisan vegetable 
oil soaps and emulsions made the old fashioned way. 
Our emulsions are made by hand in small batches 
with love and pure culinary grade and organic 
vegetable oils and butters (we do NOT use commercial 
pre-made soap, lotion or cream etc bases).
Our perfumes and essences are blended and aged 
by us using essential oils for very realistic scents.  
All are born of a desire to create toiletries that look, 
feel and smell wonderful naturally.   

Can a single bar of soap change your day? 

In ancient times, bathing was a ritual of cleansing and 
renewal that many of us have lost to a quick shower. 
We believe that bathing can still be a healthful, aromatic
 and rejuvenating experience that pleases all of our senses, 
even if we have only a few moments to spare.  
We hope that as you use our creations, you will enjoy 
the simple healthful pleasures they offer and they 
will help you in some way.

 We wish for you, your families and friends an abundance  
of Health, Joy, Love and Light. Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support and patronage.

 Happy Holidays!

Our soap stock is very low (please see below for list).  We will begin making new batches after the New Year. 
Please check back here or send us an email:

COVID-19 & Holiday, 2020 Update:

 We are a very small family owned entity located in Delaware County and are solitary 
since the beginning of March, 2020.  

We are hygienic and use great care during all phases of production, packaging and packing of orders.

We have shipped orders for many years and continue to do so.

  Our hearts and prayers are with everyone  still

enduring the travesty that is occurring in the US and other Countries...

We believe and hope that as school and other reopenings progress, everyone will continue to exercise utmost caution and respect by wearing protective face coverings when in public, distancing and venturing out as needed.

It will likely be this way for some time so we continue to be vigilant and will take care of each other.

December, 2020 Emulsions & Shops Update:

Our soap availability is currently very low. We have the following extra large bars of soap available as of December 18 (we use USPS and it is unlikely that your order will arrive before the Holidays):

1969 GM,Eggs 98% (incense) - $7.00
Sweet Patchouli GM 100% - $7.00
Clarify w/MSM & Charcoal 100% - $7.00
Citruses & Spa Salts 100% - $7.00
Old Roses 98% - $7.00

Ongoing, it's likely that we'll offer only ONE soap size,
the extra large bars for $7.00 each.

This is not a price increase. It's a bar size increase! 

Reminder: Please use care with storage during hot and cold weather ; protect your emulsions (cars, mail etc).  ��

If you have ordered from us before (thank you!), you may skip down to the green line to see our offerings.  ��

All are vibrant for at least 18 months from purchase.
Some of the soaps may benefit from a bit more drying time.
Leave in a dry spot or use right away. Our soap should be stored in low humidity, moderate temps & light in paper or open air.          (No PLASTIC WRAP.)

Large quantities (of soap only) may be stored in your freezer. 

We do not use UV inhibitors, temperature/color stabilizers, 
artificial colors or parabens  etc.  
Refrigeration is not necessary.

Local Shops Update

**Our emulsions are no longer available at the Catskill Mt Artisan's Guild in Margaretville, NY. **
**Our emulsions are no longer available at the Artisan's Guild in Oneonta, NY.** 

** We have had a relationship with these two shops for many years and are grateful for the opportunity to work with so many loving and talented artists. We are also grateful for the opportunity to formulate for and serve our clients at these locations.**  

**Fees for ingredients, packaging and shipping have increased steadily. In order to continue to use the highest quality therapeutic ingredients available and free valuable time, we are consolidating slightly.

We understand that this will affect some clients and have adopted a flat shipping rate of $4.00 for ALL orders to addresses in New York state.  There is a minimum order of $30.00 for each address for this flat rate.  Smaller orders are welcome and will carry regular USPS rates. 

Availability at the other locations (please scroll to bottom of this page) where you have shopped has not changed, but please call ahead to confirm availability as reopening and restocking stabilize.  ��

Web Store:  Ability to purchase in an on line "store" will be available when we can guarantee a gracefully 

sustainable supply to everyone.  We are closer!  ��
We understand that this may be a challenge and 
appreciate your patience.

We welcome a call or an email to place an order. OR

please scroll to the bottom of our page for a list of 
stores where you can shop locally.


Our offerings are all hand crafted.  

Everything is hand made by us using a lengthy process 
with our own proprietary formulas & methods 
and reverse osmosis filtered well water or distilled water,
organic base oils and therapeutic grade Essential Oils.  
Our offerings are all made "the long way" with 
the highest quality and most natural ingredients available 
to ensure stability and longevity for up to 
18+ months from purchase. 
We have enjoyed and are grateful for nearly 30 years 
of research and formulating. Our goal is still to create  
the freshest, most natural, healthy, safe
and helpful emulsions available. 

The base oil and essential oil markets remain a bit unstable 
and we have experienced many increases on ingredients, containers and shipping.
Occasionally there will be small price changes to enable us to continue using the highest quality ingredients available. 

We strive to create affordable and enjoyable blends that 
help you in some way, and go from our pots 
to your door quickly and gracefully.

Scroll down for pricing, blends and retail shops. 

Ordering is very easy!

Please call us at 607.652.9221 to place your order or inquire 
about new blends.  We will ask for your shipping address, 
email address and method of payment. You may also send
us an Email: 
with a list of your choices or inquiry.   We will confirm
 availability and send an electronic invoice.  
Ships within 1-2 business days.

For orders less than $75.00, actual shipping rates will apply 
and an estimate will be provided. Within our northeast 
zone,  actual shipping is approximately $8.20 for 
nearly any size order.  
For orders of $75.00 and up, shipping is still FREE. 

Shipping rate examples: 
Nearly any size order within our northeast zone = $8.20
6 bars of soap to anywhere in US via USPS Small Flat Rate = $8.20
10-12 bars of soap to West Coast via Regional Rate = $12.00
USPS Medium Flat Rate is now $14.50
USPS Large Flat Rate (very large) is now $21.95

We will send your order or your gifts anywhere in the US with a care card via USPS Priority Mail with tracking
usually within 1-2 business days.
Rates are compared among carriers for larger orders. 

Some remote locations may experience longer delivery.
Sales tax currently added only for orders shipped to NY addresses.
(This will likely change soon.)

All major credit cards, Check, MO or Paypal.

Weather & shipping advice - Orders placed during very cold (or hot) periods may be held by us briefly (a day or two) if temps
are under 0 degrees or over 85 degrees. 
This is because we do not use chemical stabilizers or UV inhibitors
and most major shippers do not have climate control. 

Tracking info will accompany all orders, so please check to ensure that your emulsions are not exposed to long periods of extreme temperatures.  We formulate for safety and stability (without chemicals).

If needed, shake vigorously or stir for a moment. 

Our current offerings

 Spray Milks (8 oz bottle $13.75):

Used as a light moisturizing personal fragrance on you, 
your bed linens etc at home or during travel and for 
other purposes as the names suggest.
Gardener's Friend is a worthy travel companion 
as a linen mist, while
outside to deter insects, to 
deodorize environment, energize or as a personal deodorant.  

It is safe for most canine friends with prudent use, 
avoiding head and eyes.

EO blend : 100% Therapeutic grade essential oils only. OR
EO/FO blend : Essential oils blended with minimal 
(approx .5 - 2%) safe phthalate free fragrance. 

*Meditation & Grounding (EO blend - deep woods)
*Lavenders (w/Benzoin) (EO - soft & relaxing
* Stress & Clarity (EO camphor and woods to clarify. 
Your study buddy who also helps with congestion.

*Gardener's Friend (EO energize, deodorize, repel pests)
* Protection (EO - aromatic earthy blend with top notes of clove
& citrus to help protect from virus etc, inspired by the
four thieves of Marseilles.   Mist upward, breathe lightly.)

*Wise Folks (EO/FO unisex blend of spices and woods)
*1969 (EO/FO incense blend for the Summer of Love :-))
*Woodland Spirit
(EO/FO soft feminine musky incense blend 

Anywhere Balms
.17 oz Jar $4.50 Regular or Champagne Highlights
.17 oz Lip Tube $4.50 Regular, RED or Champagne Highlights
.25 oz Slider Tin $5.50 Regular only (temp sold out)
.5 oz Large Twist Tube $10.00 Red or Champagne Highlights (1/2 oz size coming soon!)

(Unisex formulation for use anywhere that is quickly absorbed.  
All, including Regular (untinted) are moisturizing for dry, chapped or otherwise stressed areas without creating dependence.
Our Champagne Hightlights provides a soft shimmer 
and can be used anywhere to bring soft light and wakeful aspects or to contour and enhance including above and below the 
brows, inside corners of eyes, on or above lips.
Our tinted Anywhere Balms (Red & Champagne Highlights) 
contain mica for color.
No artificial ingredients. Just skin loving oils and butters.

 Restorative Oils - 8 oz $30.00

re custom blended to order. These are used for hair 
and body as a moisturizer and lighter personal scent.  
We use fresh organic base oils and the proprietary 
Essential Oils or EO/FO scent of your choice.
These are not offered in the shops.

Please allow 1-2 days for custom blends. 
(Amber glass bottle with orifice reducer.)

Lotion - 8 oz bottle $13.75 or 4 oz $7.50
(Two Essential Oils only blends are available.)

"Lemongrass & Lavenders"

 (S Africa, Spanish & French Lavandin)

 Cream - Sulfur 
9 oz glass jar $16.50
 4 oz glass jar $12.00 

"CALM w/MSM (Sulfur) & Sea Buckthorn"  9 or 4 oz
"Sweet Woods w/MSM (Sulfur)" 

(4 oz Sweet Woods temp sold out) 

("CALM" and "Sweet Woods" are helpful for stressed 
skin, including rashes, redness, dry areas & lines etc. 
Both contain food grade sulfur. 
"CALM" also contains healthful Sea Buckthorn Berry oil, 
which provides the beautiful golden color.)

Cream - 4 oz (only size available ) Pulse Point 

(Concentrated and used for purposes as named 
or for their scent on small hand & body areas. )
"Meditation & Grounding" -  4 oz glass jar $12.00
"Stress & Clarity" - 4 oz glass jar $12.00
"1969" - 4 oz glass jar $12.00

 Cream - Regular 
9 oz glass jar $14.50
9 oz glass jar "Unscented" $14.50
4 oz glass jar $12.00

Essential Oils Only
"Lavenders" (S Africa, Spain, France)
"Lemongrass & Lavenders"
"Light" (Bergamot & Citruses)
"Sweet Earth" (Almond, Vanilla) NA
"Sweet Patchouli" NA
"CALM w/Sulfur" (see above)
"Sweet Woods w/Sulfur" (see above)

Essential Oils & 1-2% Fragrance
"Aunt Rose's Roses"
"Mango, Papaya & Citruses"
"White Gardenia & Chamomile" 

Vegetable Soap  

NA= temp sold out. New batches are in process.

Standard large hand cut bars 
$5.75 (5+ oz bar) 
Available upon request and by chance: 
Very large bath bars 6+ oz $7.00 
Medium 4+ oz bars $5.00 
Smallest (trial size) 3-4 oz "end cut" bars $4.00

98 - 100% Natural 
(GM = local Goat Milk, E = local eggs, 
NA = temp unavailable/sold out)

100% GM, Eggs, Oats, Hemp Seed "Aphrodite" (Romantic unisex exotic beauty bar & exfoliant.) This bar only is $6.75.
100%GM, Eggs, Honey, Hemp Seed "Sweet Woods" (Unisex beauty bar. Pine Oils, Fir Needle (Siberia) & Benzoin.) This Bar only is $6.75.
100% GM, Eggs & Honey "Chai Latte"  (spice with grated fresh ginger & Essential Oils of Cinnamon & Clove)
100% GM "Clarify" w/sulfur (complex blend w/activated charcoal, Frankincense & Tea Tree etc) 
100% GM "Lavenders" 
100% GM, Eggs "Pine Tar" w/sulfur  NA
100% "Stress & Clarity" (mints & woods) NA
100% GM "Sweet Patchouli" 
100% "Citruses & Spa Salts"
100% "Lemongrass"
98% GM, Eggs  "1969" (summer of love :-)) NA
98% "Hawaiian Lei" (Tuberose, Plumeria & Pikake) NEW! NA
98% "Lilac"
98% "Mango Papaya & Citruses" 
98% "Old Roses" NA
98% GM "Sandalwood & Chamomile"
98% GM "Jasmine & Chamomile"

Scrubs - 12 oz clear poly jar $18.00 (scrubs temp sold out)

Liquid True Soap  - saponified veg oils "Lavenders" or "Rosemary & Mints" or "Unscented" 
8 oz $12.50, 12 oz $13.75
(liquid soap temp sold out)

(Our liquid soap is heated gently for 8 to 12 hours until the organic base oils are saponified. We then add honey, EO's, additional glycerin 
plant based conditioners and other botanicals.)

Perfume Roll On 

1/3 oz $15.00 - 20.00

A long lasting, concentrated and portable way to keep your 
favorite scent with you.  Approx 30+% Essential Oils.
We are also able to custom blend Essential Oils of your choice in an organic jojoba oil base (please allow up to 2 days to customize).

EO "Tranquility"
EO "Lavenders"
EO  "Stress & Clarity"
EO  "Meditation & Grounding"
EO  "Energy & Productivity"
EO "Aphrodite"
EO "Ishkhara"
EO "Lemongrass & Lavenders"
EO "Protection"
EO "Sandalwood & Rose"
EO/FO "1969"
EO/FO "Woodland Spirit"
EO/FO "Wise Folks"
EO/FO "Aunt Rose's Roses"
EO/FO  "White Gardenia & Chamomile"
EO/FO  "Sandalwood & Chamomile"
EO/FO "Lilac"

Facial Emulsions

Herbal 24 Hour Facial Cream
2 oz $15 OR 4 oz $25.00

EO blend for day or night use. Adjustable by application 
to damp, wet or dry skin. Contains rare olive based 
emulsifiers and large amounts of Sea Buckthorn, 
Argan & Pumpkin Seed oils to nourish & balance any skin.
Compatible with most foundations.

Moisturizing Facial Toner & Freshener
Spray Milk

8 oz $15.00

EO blend. Multi use to balance, tone and invigorate,
helping to promote more wakeful appearance. 
Contains:  Organic Aloe Juice and/or Gel, 
Witch Hazel Distillate, Organic base oils 
and several Essential Oil Hydrosols
for a soft floral/herbal scent.

Use:  Under or over (or no) makeup  and throughout the day to 
refresh tired skin.  Or alone during humid weather.
Compatible with our Herbal 24 Hour Face Cream  or 
Men Restorative Face Lotion to moisturize.
(Nice over morning makeup to set when you feel 
that your foundation may have dried your skin or to provide a 
refreshed and more wakeful appearance in the afternoon or evening. Close eyes and mist lightly over face. 
Allow to dry without touching.) 

Compatible with most foundations and creams etc.

Restorative Facial Lotion for Men (or Women!!)
 8 oz amber glass bottle with pump $25.00

Unisex herbal EO blend thicker lotion after shave for 
Men or for Women facial moisture as needed.  
Moisturize and soothe with no oily residue.

Contains organic base oils, witch hazel, Essential Oils and botanicals.  Soft herbal/woody scent.

A great unisex choice for combo, oily skins, reduction of post shave bumps or daytime and during summer humid weather.

"Men Restorative Face" OR "Women 24 Hour Face" Gift Sets in abaca $50.00 

Includes: 1- 8 oz Men Lotion OR
**1- 4 oz Herbal 24 Hour Face Cream
**2-medium size Soaps
** 1 exfoliating sisal washcloth
 ** 1-8 oz bottle of Moisturing Facial Toner & Freshener Spray Milk

Soy Candles 
8 oz travel tin $12.00,  9 oz glass jar $12.00 
or 4 oz travel tin $6.50

Made with a blend of Essential Oils and Fragrance:

"1969" - tan color incense blend for Summer of Love...
"Primal Forest" - darker green/teal color sweet piney blend...
"Spiced Honey" - golden color sweet honey with Cinnamon EO...
"Stress & Clarity" - woods & mints in lovely soft green...
"Sunrise" - blood orange in color & scent with floral undertones...
"Lemongrass & Citruses" - yellow color lemony 
citrus with soft finish...

Long burning with a soft, noticeable but not overpowering scent.  The wicks are very sturdy and all lids are metal.

Your candles will burn completely with no leftover wax.  
They can be extinguished with smoke minimized by keeping your wicks trimmed, blowing out and then quickly replacing the lid.

To maximize burn time, keep your wicks trimmed to 1/4-1/3 inch. Initially and then with each use, burn until wax pool reaches all sides of the container.  (Most candles have a "memory")
Burn for up to 3-4 hours before resting.

Essential Oils (only) Blend emulsion profiles
(no parabens, cruelty, GMO's, artificial fragrance, etc:)

  • "Lavenders" (S African, Spanish & French 9 oz jar)
  • "Lemongrass & Lavenders" (uplifting 9 oz jar)        
  • "Sweet Earth" (softly scented to calm - almond, vanilla & benzoin
  • with German Chamomile & herbal EO's 9 oz jar)  
  • "Sweet Patchouli" (Patchouli with sweet Benzoin resin 9 oz jar)
  • "Calm W/MSM" (complex nourishing herbal w/sulfur and Sea Buckthorn Oil. All body use for stressed skin/ post wash/shave to help calm rashes, dry skin & redness etc. 4 or 9 oz jar $12.00 - $16.50)
  • "Stress & Clarity" (mints/camphor/woods 4 oz jar, 8 oz spray) 
  • "Meditation & Grounding" (deep woods 4 oz jar, 8 oz spray)
  • "Aphrodite" (true to her name - avail by chance 9 oz jar)
  • "Sweet Woods W/MSM" (complex herbal - sweet, woody, bit of citrus w/sulfur. All body for stressed skin/post shave 9 oz jar $16.50)
  • "Light" (EO blend..uplifting & bright with a soft rosy green finish - Bergamot, Geranium, Pink Grapefruit and more -  9 oz jar

Essential Oils & (1-2%) Fragrance emulsion profiles
(no parabens, phthalates, cruelty, GMO's, artificial color):

"Aunt Rose's Roses" (realistic blend of roses & EO's - 
9 oz jar, 1/3 oz perfume and soap)

"Mango Papaya & Citruses" (fruity & citrusy 9 oz jar and soap)
"White Gardenia & Chamomile" (realistic blend of gardenia & EO's - 
9 oz jar, 1/3 oz perfume. Soap alternates w/Jasmine & Chamomile.)
"Wise Folks" (complex unisex spices & woods - 
8 oz Spray Milk, 1/3 oz Perfume - NO soap)

"1969" (Summer of Love ~ 8 oz Spray Milk, 1/3 oz perfume, 
4 oz jar and soap)

Gift Ideas (with care cards) - many choices.
Be creative and enjoy giving!

Custom gift boxes. USPS box is your gift box 
with your choices tastefully packed in brown shred 
with a care card shipped to any address.

Gift bags in handwoven (Philippines) abaca fiber or colored Organza  $25.00 - $45.00+ (choose contents or allow us to delight!)

Examples (contents depend on availability)

Colored Organza bags: $25.00

Meditation & Grounding (1 Sm Candle, 1-4oz cream, 1 soap)
Stress & Clarity (1 Sm Candle, 1-4oz cream, 1 soap)
"1969" (1 Sm Candle, 1-4 oz cream, 1 soap)
Lemongrass & Lavenders OR Lavenders OR Aunt Roses Roses etc. 
(1-9oz cream, 2 soaps)

Large hand woven abaca fiber bags (Philippines)
(w/bath accessory): $37.50 - $50.00

Lavenders OR Lemongrass & Lavenders OR Sweet Earth etc (1-9oz cream, 2 soaps, 1 Sm Candle, 1-4oz lotion or liquid soap etc)

"Men Restorative Face" OR "Women 24 Hour Face" 
Sets in abaca $50.00
(Includes 1- 8 oz Men Lotion or
1- 4 oz Herbal 24 Hour Face Cream
+ 1 exfoliating sisal washcloth + 2 soap 
+ 1-4 oz Jar of "CALM" w/MSM Cream (can sub any of our 4 oz creams)
Several options are available for affordable corporate 
gifts and events such as showers and weddings. These are offered in organza bags, small brown (or white) kraft boxes or brown kraft window coffee bags with gift tags, 
paper shred & care cards.
Custom printing available with reasonable minumum order.

We can also ship for you to place in your packaging so 
be creative and enjoy! 

Thank you so much for your loyalty and we
look forward to hearing from you!

Below is a list of local shops in New York and other areas 
where you may try and buy some of our emulsions. 
Selection and hours vary so please call the shop before travel. 
These are small organizations that offer a nice variety of 
well priced locally handcrafted arts, crafts & foods.

Barber's Farm Store, Rte 30, Middleburgh NY (Wed-Sun)
Farmer & The Cook, 339 West El Roblar Dr., Ojai CA
Marty's Merchantile, 75 Watson Hollow Rd., West Shokan, NY
Roxbury General, Main St., (Rte 30) Roxbury NY

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